Corrections: August 20, 2019


An article on Sunday about Stephen Miller, President Trump’s immigration policy adviser, described incorrectly the demographic impact of a 1965 law. The law set the course for non-Hispanic whites to become a minority in the United States, not for nonwhite Hispanics to become a majority.

An article on Saturday about the relationship between Barack Obama and Joseph R. Biden Jr. misstated John McCain’s role as a pilot in Vietnam. He flew bombing missions as an attack aircraft pilot, but he was not a “fighter pilot.”


The Spotlight feature on Saturday described incorrectly the source of its excerpts. The excerpts were answers to questions from users on the website Reddit to the Times reporter Nicholas Kulish about his article on the heiress Cordelia Scaife May. They were not from a Popcast podcast about the indie-rock musician and poet David Berman.


An article on Thursday about the Trump administration’s new means-testing rule for immigrants described incorrectly the groups of people compared in a report by the Cato Institute. It was a survey of low-income adults, not all adults.