How not to react to the Andrew Luck retirement news

Over the last few years, Andrew Luck has had to deal with a lacerated kidney, a shoulder that just didn’t work for a year and, now, an ankle that won’t heal. The NFL has ravaged his body, and Luck had enough.

The 29-year-old informed the Colts he’d be retiring from the NFL. The news rocked the NFL world. There were really only two ways to properly react to the news:

1. Holy crap!


2. That’s sad but good for him. He’s been through a lot.

Here’s how you shouldn’t react to the news. Let’s give a shout out to Colts fans and professional idiots sports analysts Doug Gottlieb and Pete Prisco for the examples.

Luck has given Colts fans six brilliant seasons. He gave them his BODY.

That wasn’t enough for them. Luck had nothing left to give, so they booed.


Pete Prisco has been covering the NFL for a long time. Now that’s he’s run out of interesting things to say, he’s resorted to being NFL Twitter’s resident old man who yells at clouds. This is his career now.

Just go and read up on Luck’s lastrehab if you honestly think he never loved the game of football. And even if he didn’t, who cares? It never affected his work ethic or play on the field.

Doug Gottlieb has NEVER had anything interesting to say. Can’t knock the hustle though. He somehow figured out how to turn saying dumb things into a career. This tweet may have been his finest work. Just when you think the bar can’t get any lower, Gottlieb figures out a way to lower it. It’s truly impressive.

Between the injuries and this nonsense, can you really blame Luck for wanting out?

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