US cops harass family after 4-year-old takes doll from store

US cops harass family after 4-year-old takes doll from store

An Arizona couple sued the Phoenix city of Arizona in the United States and its police department after two of their officers threatened to shoot the family. Why? Because the couple’s four-year-old daughter took a doll from a store they had visited.

The incident happened on May 29 after Dravon Ames, his fiance Iesha Harper and their two kids visited a Family Dollar Store in Phoenix. Unbeknown to the couple, their four-year-old daughter had taken a doll from the store.

A police officer followed them, approached their vehicle with his gun drawn and started threatening them. “I am going to shoot you in your face,” the officer said. According to the reports, the threat was made in front of the couple’s children who were in the rear of the car.

The officer then pulled Dravon Ames from the car, pushed his head into the pavement, handcuffed him, pulled him up and kicked him in his right leg. After Ames collapsed, the officer again punched him in his back.

Another officer then grabbed the pregnant mother and tried to snatch the baby. The woman then handed the children to an eyewitness.

After which, she was handcuffed and detained. While the two were not ticketed or detained for long, they have decided to sue the police department for “unlawful imprisonment, emotional distress, and false arrest”.