What to Do With a Day Off

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What does a day off even mean right now?

It’s tough to go anywhere during a pandemic, because many of the places we might have visited are closed or restricted to us. It’s hard to dedicate time to tasks like working on your finances with so much uncertainty, and the “recovery” isn’t really a recovery for everyone. And our work lives are encroaching on our personal lives more than ever, so do we really even have days off?

Still, if you’re fortunate enough not to have to clock in today, maybe use the time as an opportunity to take care of some of those things that have been hanging over your head. We all have them, and time away from work is as good an excuse as any to knock that one item off your to-do list. Or not! Maybe today is just a stay-in-bed-and-binge-“Veep”-again kind of day. That sounds absolutely wonderful to me.

Whatever kind of day you have in store, here are some ideas that might be helpful.

Yeah, yeah, you’ll get to it sometime — it’s the little fib we all tell ourselves to get out of doing that one thing. But today is a great day to just get it done! Send that email, finish up that task at home, write that holiday thank-you note you still haven’t gotten around to. Whatever it is, just do it. You’ll feel so much better, I promise. Read more »

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— Tim

What to Do With a Day Off