Protesters in Argentina attack bus carrying president

Protesters in Argentina attack bus carrying president

BUENOS AIRES– Dozens of protesters kicked and tossed rocks at a minibus carrying Argentine President Alberto Fernandez on Saturday as he checked out a location ravaged by forest fires, TELEVISION video revealed.

As he left a recreation center in the town of Lago Puelo in the southern Patagonia area, Fernandez needed to take sanctuary behind a wall of individuals as a crowd of demonstrators pressed towards him and his delegation.

The protesters later on stopped the bus bring the president, punching and kicking it and tossing stones that broke windows in the car, according to video broadcast by the TN network and the paper Clarin.

Fernandez looked for to minimize the violence, stating it was the work of a little number of individuals.

“I am sure that this violence was not taken part in by the people of Chubut nor by those who inhabit our beloved Argentina,” he composed, describing the province the surrounds the town.

With couple of cops on hand, the crowd handled to stop the president’s bus and other automobiles in his entourage for a number of minutes, with some protesters tossing themselves versus the hood of Fernandez’s car.

Once it was released, a number of other automobiles snaked their method through the crowd and scampered with the governmental bus.

Clarin reported that the demonstrators were upset over mining jobs in Chubut province, which becomes part of Patagonia, and with the provincial guv.

The fires that have actually blazed through Patagonia for days have actually declared one life, while 11 other individuals are reported missing out on, authorities stated Friday.

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Dozens of individuals have actually been left from the course of the advancing flames, and around 200 homes have actually been damaged.

The federal government stated some towns were left without water or power.

The fires, which authorities presume were begun intentionally early today, have actually reached a number of towns near the foothills of the Andes mountains, and have actually taken in about 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres) of forest, media reported Saturday.

The charred body of a rural resident, reported missing out on given that Tuesday, was discovered near the town of El Maiten, they included.

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Protesters in Argentina attack bus carrying president