9-year-old boy on beach vacation attacked by shark, survives

9-year-old boy on beach vacation attacked by shark, survives

A nine-year-old young boy handled to make it through and recuperate from a shark attack throughout what was expected to be his household’s getaway day.

Jay Weiskopf, together with his moms and dads Kristine and Ren Weiskopf, were on getaway in Miami Beach in Florida last Sunday, March 21. Unfortunately, their journey was interrupted when the young kid was bitten by a shark just minutes after they got to the beach, ABC affiliate Local 10 stated in a report on the exact same day.

“I was holding his hand the whole time and he was kind of body surfing a little bit and he had fallen on his stomach,” Kristine mentioned.

When she pulled Jay up, she saw that a big portion of skin from the young boy’s shoulder was missing out on however he just stated “Ow.”

Kristine looked down and saw a shark swimming far from them, triggering her to scoop up Jay and take him to the beach. A regional fire rescue group satisfied the household near the beach and carried Jay to a neighboring health center, where he was entered for surgical treatment to close the big injury.

“He’s such a great kid and we’re still in shock, but thankful. We thank God that he didn’t take his life. That he’s gonna be OK,” the young boy’s daddy, Ren, stated in the report.

The moms and dads stated they are thrilled to take their kid house, however physicians were fretted about possible infection or long-lasting results on his movement. However, the physicians are still positive about their treatment offered Jay’s young age.

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The Weiskopfs were not just worried for their child’s security however likewise for others who go to the beach, based on report. They questioned why the beach was still open regardless of the shark attack and required its closure to avoid comparable events from occurring. Dana Cruz/ JB


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9-year-old boy on beach vacation attacked by shark, survives