Man gets into high-speed chase with police after stealing pizza, breadsticks

Man gets into high-speed chase with police after stealing pizza, breadsticks

A male who took pizza and breadsticks at a dining establishment in Utah, U.S.A., wound up interesting authorities in a high-speed chase in the city of Orem.

Richard Pratt Heilbut, 30, on March 24 purchased food at a Little Ceasars Pizza branch, however snapped due to the fact that the line was obviously long, based on CBS affiliate KUTV earlier today, March 27.

The shop was supposedly extremely hectic as the line had actually reached outside the door. An restless Heilbut then went into the facility and got 2 pepperoni pizzas and breadsticks and informed personnel: “I’m helping myself.”

The supervisor then faced Heilbut outside while the cashier called 911 as she locked herself inside the restroom, the report stated.

Heilbut was heard screaming curs at the supervisor and threatened that he would slit her throat, even stating, “I will find you and watch you.”

He right away got away the scene after the supervisor pointed out “police,” according to the report. Heilbut, who likewise shrieked at consumers at the parking area, was seen repeling in a 2016 silver Chevrolet Malibu.

A law enforcement officer ultimately found Heilbut driving at the high speed of around 70 miles per hour. Heilbut supposedly sped through into a parking area and handled to avert the officer.

Another officer found Heilbut as he sped in his vehicle and providing authorities the middle finger. Police ultimately stopped chasing after Heilbut as he drove at a really high speed, making the chase unsafe for others if continued.

A couple of hours after the chase, around the wee hours of Thursday, March 25, Heilbut was spotted once again inside his vehicle and was soon collared. Police discovered methamphetamine and a glass pipeline that checked favorable for meth residue in the automobile.

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On why he dedicated several criminal offenses, Heilbut informed authorities that he wished to get detained due to the fact that he was not pleased about how authorities treated him a week or 2 prior to over an event with his moms and dads, the report stated.

“[Heilbut’s parents] had advised officers that they do not feel safe staying in [their] house due to their son suffering from mental illnesses,” authorities were priced estimate as stating.

“[The father] told officers that his son is suffering from [drug-induced] psychosis, mental psychosis, or a combination of both. [The father] told officers that he does not want his son staying at his house,” they included.

Heilbut is now dealing with several charges consisting of break-in (second-degree felony); felony industrial blockage (second-degree felony); failure to stop at the command of authorities (third-degree felony); belongings of an illegal drug (class A misdemeanor); and risk of violence (class B misdemeanor), to name a few. Ian Biong / ra


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Man gets into high-speed chase with police after stealing pizza, breadsticks