57-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy years after death of teen daughter

57-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy years after death of teen daughter

Age is absolutely nothing however a number to a 57-year-old female in New Hampshire who just recently brought to life a child young boy, 5 years after the death of her teenage child.

Barbara Higgins brought to life her boy Jack on March 20, making her among the earliest females in the United States to deliver, NBC Boston reported last Thursday, March 25. She reviewed her struggling with the abrupt death of her child Molly in 2016.

Higgins stated Molly was just 13 when she passed away from an undiagnosed brain growth. As she attempted to manage the loss, she ended up being taken in with the idea of getting pregnant once again.

“I started having these dreams that I wanted to have a child,” she stated, likewise acknowledging that she at first discovered it “crazy” to go through another pregnancy. She believed her mind was merely playing techniques on her or she was shocked from Molly’s death, she informed NBC’s “Today” reveal on March 26.

Higgins stated her dreams corresponded however not too particular. However, they constantly left her wishing to start a course to motherhood once again.

“I would wake up with this compelling feeling that I need to call the doctor today, I need to work on this, I need to begin this process,” she stated in the report. Her spouse Kenny Banzhoff was likewise on board with having a brand-new child.

The couple discovered a center that might assist with in vitro fertilization for females in their 50s, and chose to pursue another kid. Higgins explained her experience with IVF as “one relatively easy step after another” however kept in mind that the approach might not work for all females.

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Higgins lives a healthy way of life and even handled to raise weights on the day she entered into labor, however her physicians still monitored her carefully throughout her pregnancy. They did additional blood work and arranged extra consultations with the couple to make certain whatever was matching Higgins and her child.

The couple stated some individuals questioned their choice to have actually another kid offered their aging, however they selected to get rid of the remarks rather.

“We beat the odds. I’m so proud of her,” Banzhoff stated in the report.

“Why should Jack not get to be alive just because I’m old?” Higgins included. She likewise revealed wish for her story to motivate other females who might be having a hard time to get pregnant. Dana Cruz/ JB


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57-year-old woman gives birth to baby boy years after death of teen daughter