Nigeria boosts border security to prevent inrush from Chad|News Ghana

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Nigeria has actually intensified security around its borders to prevent an inrush by Chadians following the current security circumstance because nation, the Minister of Defense Bashir Salihi Magashi stated on Thursday.

Former Chadian President Idriss Deby passed away previously today from bullet injuries sustained while in a fight versus rebels in the northern part of the nation– an advancement that has actually triggered a dismal security circumstance. “When we became aware of this regrettable killing of the Chadian president, we understood that issue is bound to be produced amongst nearby nations, and Nigeria will be most-hit by his lack.

If there is insecurity in Chad, there will be an issue,” Magashi informed press reporters inAbuja Nigeria rapidly reacted by boosting security around the borders to press back outlaws and other criminal gangs, while an enduring service is being looked for to the issue of Chad, the defense minister stated.

However, Nigerians going to return house due to the security circumstance in Chad might be evaluated and permitted, he discussed.

“The problem of Chad is now going to be aggravated because we are not sure the direction in which that country is going to face, but I assure you that we are mindful of borders, and we are mindful of the development; and politically, the government is putting its heads together to see how best they can restore the peace in that country,” the authorities stated.

According to him, as relates to the concerns of weapons and arms expansion, Chad has actually been the buffer stopping all the seepage of weapons and little arms into Nigeria.

“Right from Libya down to Nigeria, it is very easy now because of the absence of the influence of Chad in that route. We also have to take care of that and prepare our minds for it,” Magashi stated.

He stated the Nigerian federal government is on top of the circumstance, prompting other African nations to discover a service to the circumstance inChad

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Nigeria boosts border security to prevent inrush from Chad|News Ghana