Shaq showed up late to ‘Inside the NBA’ ahead of the play-in tournament and everyone roasted him

The play-in tournament have been the topic of discussion around NBA circles everywhere.

Everyone has been looking forward to seeing how the tournament will work and who what will happen. Will there be upsets? Who will have the big game? Who will advance on to the actual playoffs? There’s so much at stake.

So, obviously, most NBA fans have had their calendars marked for May 18 at 6:30 p.m. ET when the play-in games start, of course.

But not Shaq, apparently. He ended up being late for the start of Inside the NBA and it was absolutely hilarious.

He literally just wasn’t on set when things started up. It was hilarious.

You already know Charles Barkley had to roast him. That’s exactly what he did.

“What kind of dummy misses the first night of the playoffs?”

The best part was that he tried to actually sneak in to the set while a graphic was on screen. This is when we all found out that Shaq sneaking around looks like all of the videos you see on the internet of Bigfoot.

The explanation for his tardiness? “I apologize. I read my schedule wrong. I thought it said 6:30,” Shaq said.

Absolutely hilarious.That excuse didn’t stop the internet from roasting him.

This is television gold, man. So good.

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Shaq showed up late to 'Inside the NBA' ahead of the play-in tournament and everyone roasted him