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SiriusXM has expanded well beyond its humble satellite radio origins. You no longer need a satellite radio in your car to experience Sirius — now you can catch it on a mobile app, in a browser and even via Alexa or Google Home. SiriusXM is no stranger to offering crazy-good deals for new subscribers, but right now there are two excellent ones in play. For a limited time, you can get three months of SiriusXM Essential for $1 — and you get a free Echo Dot, too. 

You can think of SiriusXM Essential as a sort of Sirius Lite. It lets you access hundreds of channels (though not all of them) on your phone and in a browser (but not on your car radio). It delivers ad-free music, news, talk radio, entertainment and more. It’s a good starter plan to see if you might want to step up to the more comprehensive (and more expensive) Select or All Access plans. Or it’s just a solid way to experience SiriusXM if you have no intention of getting a satellite radio in your car. 

Essential usually costs $8 per month, so that’s a savings of $21 over the three months. And you get that $50 third-generation Echo Dot for free, too. 

Pretty sure you’re going to want to keep SiriusXM for a while, and want to lock in a good price? Or want to step up to the larger library of content and car radio access right away? Well, good news: The $5 per month deal I told you about a few months ago is still running. You can get a full year of SiriusXM Select for $60, and you get the free Echo Dot, too. And unlike the Essential plan, this one includes Howard Stern. 

SiriusXM Select usually costs $17 a month, so that’s a savings of $144. But don’t forget to tack on $50 for the Echo Dot (third-generation), so it’s actually a savings of $194. That said, the Dot is discounted so frequently that one could argue it’s not fair to add it to the price. I’ll leave that up to you; either way, it’s a great deal.

To take advantage of either deal, you need to be a new SiriusXM subscriber.

First published earlier this year. Updated with new deal details.

Get three months of SiriusXM's streaming service plus an Echo Dot for a buck - CNET

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Get three months of SiriusXM's streaming service plus an Echo Dot for a buck - CNET