Hundreds Participate in Rally in Washington DC in Support of Afghan People|News Ghana


Several hundred individuals collected at the White House on Sunday afternoon to hold a rally in assistance of individuals of Afghanistan following the occasions in Kabul, a Sputnik reporter reports.

Earlier on Sunday, the Taliban (a terrorist group, prohibited in Russia) went into the Afghan capital of Kabul to work out the transfer of power with the federal government of President Ashraf Ghani, who then stepped down and left the nation. Ghani stated his choice was determined by the desire to avoid violence as the militants were prepared to perform an attack on the capital.

People of Afghan descent pertained to the White House on Sunday with indications, banners, and flags. The indications check out “Those responsible should be punished,” “When will we know peace,” “Stop terrorist safe havens,” “No one is free when Afghan lives are oppressed,” “Stop violence ,” and “Save Afghan women,” to name a few.

Many individuals were using nationwide clothing, according to a Sputnik reporter. Many pertained to the White House with their households consisting of children and senior moms and dads.

The rally began at 04:00 p.m. regional time on Sunday (20:00 GMT) and was serene without any improved police in sight. People were shouting “we want peace,” “we want justice.”

The organizers informed Sputnik that the details about the occasion was spread out through social media networks onSunday The rally is anticipated to last till 7 p.m. regional time on Sunday.

One of the organizers, Musa Sidiqi, informed Sputnik on Sunday that the rally was arranged in uniformity with the Muslim and Afghan individuals.

“Whatever government takes place, we just pray that the local civilians and the people of Afghanistan stop suffering and we pray for a better future for all Afghans, especially the women in Afghanistan, our daughters in Afghanistan, our sisters in Afghanistan. We hope that whatever regime, and whatever government takes place allows education, allows schools, allows all equal rights for all humans in Afghanistan,” Sidiqi stated.

He explained that as it appears, no side in Afghanistan desires dispute. “We have a family back home, we are calling them and we are in check-up nonstop,” he stated. “As of right now, everything is peaceful, there is no bloodshed, there is no people shooting or killing.”

Sidiqi informed Sputnik that the did not anticipate much from the administration of United States President Joe Biden when it concerns Afghanistan.

“I don’t expect this Administration to do much more than it already has. If anything I would expect them to make the situation worse by just completely neglecting all together,” he stated. “What I would expect them to do is take accountability- send foreign aid, make sure that these people can get through winter and make sure that we all come together to rebuild Afghanistan. Regardless of the government, the people deserve a better future.”

On Saturday, Biden licensed the implementation of as much as 5,000 United States soldiers in Afghanistan to guarantee a safe evacuation of United States diplomatic workers. United States media reported on Sunday that the Pentagon licensed the implementation of an extra 1,000 United States soldiers to assist in United States people’ evacuation from Kabul, bringing the overall variety of soldiers to be stationed in Afghanistan briefly to 6,000.

Violence significantly increased in Afghanistan after the United States and its allies began to take out soldiers, leading to the militants taking large areas.

On Monday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is set to resolve the UN Security Council’s conference on Afghanistan.

Hundreds Participate in Rally in Washington DC in Support of Afghan People|News Ghana