Seven dead at Kabul airport in Afghanistan

Seven dead at Kabul airport in Afghanistan

At least 7 individuals passed away today, Monday, August 16 at Kabul airport as they attempted to run away the Taliban, consisting of a number of who presumably fell from an aircraft in flight, with witnesses confessing an exchange of fire in between Americans and rebels.

United States military workers, who spoke anonymously, informed the Associated Press (AP that the mayhem left 7 individuals dead, consisting of a number of who fell from an aircraft that had actually removed.

In a video that has actually gone viral on social networks, you see what seems 2 bodies falling from an aircraft that had actually simply removed from Kabul airport.

In another video, numerous individuals are running together with an American military airplane carrying on the runway, with a few of them handling to hold on to the airplane.

One of individuals who fell from the airplane was Fida Muhammad, a 22-year-old dental practitioner from the province of Kabul, according to EFE.

“He left home today to go to work, but we found out hours later that he died when he fell off the plane,” stated Ahmad, a relative of the victim.

A witness informed EFE that he had actually seen “three civilians and one Taliban fighter killed in a shootout between Taliban and US forces,” the EFE firm stated.

According to Mirwais Yusufi’s account, the shooting was set off after a Taliban purchased a number of Afghan civilians to leave the airport.

When they declined to follow the order, the Taliban fired at them, activating a reaction from United States forces, who opened fire on the rebel, eliminating him on the area.

“After the shooting, everyone started running and then we saw three civilians killed, I don’t know if they were killed by American soldiers or by the Taliban,” included the witness priced estimate by EFE.

After the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Sunday, countless individuals hurried to the airport in the Afghan capital in hopes of getting away the nation, many without visas, airline tickets, or perhaps passports.

Although they were focused in the civilian part of the airport, countless individuals attacked the runways and required United States forces to send out soldiers to attempt to clear the runways in the military zone.

“Thousands of people, men, women, and children, spent the night inside Kabul airport trying to leave the country, but the situation became chaotic in the morning” after the shooting, stated Mirwais Yusufi.

Massouma Tajik, a 22-year-old information expert, explained to the AP scenes of panic she saw at the airport.

After waiting 6 hours, she heard gunshots as a crowd of males and females attempted to board an aircraft.

Tajik stated United States soldiers sprayed gas and fired into the air to distribute the crowd after individuals had actually scaled the walls and attacked the lanes.

The AP showed that the shooting might be heard in voice messages sent out by Tajik.

All industrial flights from Kabul International Airport have actually been suspended, revealed the Civil Aviation Authority of Afghanistan.

Shafi Arifi, who had a ticket to take a trip to Uzbekistan on Sunday, was not able to board due to the fact that the airplane had plenty of individuals who had actually stumbled upon the runway and boarded, without any authorities or airport workers in sight.

“There was no room for us to stand up,” the 24-year-old informed AP.

“Children were crying, women were screaming, men, young and old were so angry and upset that no one could hear. There was no oxygen to breathe,” he included.

After another lady lost consciousness and was removed the airplane, Arifi quit and returned house.

Among those hurrying into the airport are Afghans who have actually worked for United States and NATO forces for the previous twenty years, consisting of those whose visa applications were turned down.

But most are common individuals who went to the airport directed by the concept that the United States and Canada, which are pulling their individuals out of the nation, would do the very same to Afghans.

“I learned last night [Sunday] that three planes took out people who didn’t have a passport or visa, so several of my friends and I came to the airport in the morning and stayed there for hours” prior to returning house without success, he informed EFE Tamim Ansar, an Afghan who likewise declared to have actually seen the exchange of fire in between the United States military and the Taliban.

Seven dead at Kabul airport in Afghanistan