President Weah difficulties Liberians to assist construct a much better country

President Weah difficulties Liberians to assist construct a much better country

Monrovia, Liberia – President George Manneh Weah has actually challenged Liberians to increase above difficulties and problems dealing with the country and aid construct a simply and flourishing one.

He is as a result contacting Liberians both in the house and abroad to start to play their part so that Liberia increases from the ashes of backwardness to the hill of success.

In an unique National Flag Day declaration to the country provided Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the President advised people to continue to commemorate whatever God has actually enthusiastically provided as an individuals.

“We must continue to celebrate all that we ourselves have done to be where we are today, as One Nation, united under God,” the President advisedLiberians “Most importantly, we must continue to celebrate the Peace that we now enjoy, which creates a conducive atmosphere for the development which we see taking shape across the country.”

He stated this present generation of people should work to prepare a much better country for future generations.

In order to understand this objective, the Liberian Chief Executive stated that his administration will continue to take actions in the instructions of producing a much better environment for young Liberians to prepare themselves, and prepare yourself to maximize the chances that are specific to provide themselves, both now, and in the future.

On this 174th National Flag Day, the President especially urged Liberian trainees to take their education extremely seriously, since it is the crucial to a much better future.

Dr Weah stated: “With the major policy changes we have initiated, we are beginning to turn around the negative narrative about the Liberian education system. As a leader who believes in the importance of education, I could not sit by and watch our students continue to fail their WASSCE examinations, while falling behind their counterparts in the region.”

The President ensured the country that his federal government will continue to pay the WASSCE costs for 12th graders, offer financial backing for their guide classes, while likewise guaranteeing that the totally free tuition policy at the state-run universities and all public colleges in the nation is being totally executed.

“We need to make other interventions to get rid of those barriers that made it hard for trainees to study. These steps are planned to alleviate the monetary problem on moms and dads and encourage our kids to remain in the class,” the President stated.

He appropriately contacted all trainees to make the most of the chances managed them, vowing likewise to continue to listen to trainees in figuring out how the federal government can enhance their instructional experience, such as enhancing school centers, having more certified instructors in the class, and having much better educational products.

At the very same time, the President advised people to continue to lionize for the guideline of law and for the legal authorities.

President Weah observed that frequently nowadays “we have seen people go beyond their right to free and peaceful assembly and engage in the destruction of private and public property. This is unacceptable”.

“You might remember that from the start of my Administration, I dedicated to guaranteeing that the democratic rights of everybody will be ensured, despite who they are. We stay dedicated to that promise,” he continued.

He advised people of the significance of stabilizing the requirement to have a tranquil and steady society where rights are ensured, versus those who would utilize those rights to infringe upon the rights of others.

He stated Liberians should persevere in declaring the future together, in order to see Liberia increase once again.

“And we must be aggressive about saving Liberia from those who are aggressive about destroying it. I admonish you to love your flag, for it symbolizes our identity and way of life,” he stressed. “Liberia remains our common patrimony. Whatever our differences, the need to guarantee a better future for our children must stand paramount,” President Weah kept in mind.

He stated it is unimaginable and inappropriate to reverse the gains made after taking pleasure in near to twenty years of peace, including: “I am convinced that we shall continue to overcome every trial and tribulation, as we strive to make Liberia a better place.”

President Weah advised Liberians to keep in mind that the Lone Star is the sign of Peace and National Unity.

President Weah difficulties Liberians to assist construct a much better country