Backpack operation aims to start students’ school year healthy and confident

Regroupement Partage is holding fundraisers across Montreal August 29 asking people to donate money so they can buy school supplies and healthy food for those students in need.

Vicky Gauthier was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago. It left her unable to properly provide for her two children when their school seasons began for a few years. She says Regroupement Partage helped her provide for her children by giving her furniture and fresh food.

More importantly, she says her kids were able to start their school year with new supplies and a brand new backpack.

“It’s important for them not to start behind the other kids-not to feel shy that their backpacks were broken or had a broken zipper,” she says. “It gives them confidence and pride.”

“We feel that all students should have the same chance, from birth, to realize their career dreams,” says Regroupement Partage co-founder and director general Sylvie Rochette.

Regroupement Partage says they help over 5000 children begin the school year with pride and dignity by starting them out with full fridges and full backpacks at the beginning of each year.