Quiz: Can You Guess These 1970s Sitcoms From A Picture?

Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin once won a battle against 133 Japanese ships without losing a single one of his own 13 ships. Elizabeth I used to reward British pirates who ransacked Spanish ships with titles or wealth, which spawned the concept of “privateers.” Cleopatra wasn’t Egyptian. She was actually descended from a line of Greek Macedonians, starting from when Ptolemy I helped Alexander the Great conquer Egypt. Potatoes were introduced to Ireland in the 1500s after they were discovered by Spanish colonizers of South America. Wu Zetian, the former empress consort of Emperor Taizong, is the only Empress Regnant in Imperial Chinese history. Before he got into politics, Abraham Lincoln would occasionally wrestle for sport in Illinois. He was once considered one of the strongest men in the midwest.