Clive Sinclair, an inventor who helped popularize personal computers, dies at 81

Enter Clive Sinclair. The British inventor’s first personal computer, the ZX80, was a slim steal at $200. The invention and its more advanced successors helped bring computing to the masses (and inspired a generation of programmers to create inventive computer games).

Most of his inventions hinged on making existing products smaller and more affordable, even if they weren’t widely welcomed by the public — he’s just as well-known for the Sinclair C5, a small, low-speed electric car that was lambasted upon release, as he is for his far more successful computers.

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UK’s Johnson replaces foreign secretary in Cabinet shake-up

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson demoted his top diplomat and fired his education minister in a major government shakeup Wednesday, as he tried to move on from a series of political missteps and revive his promise to “level up” prosperity across the UK.
In the biggest move, Johnson demoted Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has faced criticism for delaying his return from a holiday in Greece as the Taliban took over Afghanistan last month.
Raab was appointed justice secretary with the added title of deputy prime minister. Despite the grand title, that is a demotion — the deputy has no formal constitutional role.
The new foreign minister is ex-International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, a favorite of the Conservative Party’s grassroots who has won praise for her work negotiating trade deals with Australia and Japan since Britain left the European Union last year. Truss, who is Britain’s second female foreign secretary, will also remain minister for women and equalities.

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‘A Queer Tax.’ New Lawsuit Alleges Aetna Discriminates Against LGBTQ People Seeking Fertility Treatment

When Emma Goidel was denied coverage for her fertility treatments in September 2020, she was furious. A 31-year-old writer in New York City, Goidel and her partner were excited to try for a baby—and Goidel had begun intrauterine insemination (IUI treatments to get pregnant that fall. But when she applied for those treatments to be covered by her partner’s Aetna Student Health Plan at Columbia University, she says she was denied—because she had not yet met Aetna’s definition of infertility.

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