Germans dancing to Indian songs on the streets at the ‘Karneval der Kulturen’

In a display of the composite culture and diversity in Germany, videos of this year’s Karneval der Kulturen show the participants dancing to Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, and Punjabi songs – among other kinds of music – on the streets.

The Karneval der Kulturen is a multicultural festival celebrated in Berlin every year. It includes processions, theatre performances, and music events. This year, the festival was celebrated from June 7 to June 10.

Of all the videos available on social media, the ones that are resonating most with Indians feature the Karneval der Kulturen crowd dancing to wildly popular Bhojpuri song Lollipop Lagelu. The song is quite a staple at celebrations in North India. It was originally sung by Bihar-born singer Pawan Singh in 2015.

A few posts on the social media had also wrongly claimed that the video of people singing and dancing to Lollipop Lagelu was from England, the venue of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Other songs featured during the parade in Berlin included the famous Haryanvi song Teri Akhya Ka Yo Kajal, and the evergreen Punjabi song Tunak Tunak Tun.

Of course, a few Bollywood songs also made it to Karneval der Kulturen.